Friday, 7 May 2010

Two interesting F1000 reviews (invasives)

I've just received the bulletin of the latest reviews from F1000 and noticed a couple of interesting reviews for papers on invasive species...

van Kleinen, M, Weber, E and Fischer, M (2010)  A meta-analysis of trait differences between invasive and non-invasive plant species Ecology Letters Volume 13 Issue 2, Pages 235 - 245

This paper is flagged as a 'must read' - the reviewer (Bernhard Schmid of the University of Zurich, Switzerland) must have been very impressed with the paper.  His reason for highlighting it is that:
"This is the most comprehensive quantitative synthesis comparing invasive with native plant species. It demonstrates clearly that invasive species generally have higher values for growth-related traits." copyright F1000.
The review can be seen here on F1000 website.

Dick, J.T.A., Armstrong, M, Clarke, H.C., Farnsworth, K.D., Hatcher, M.J., Ennis, M., Kelly, A. and Dunn, A.M. (2010) Parasitism may enhance rather than reduce the predatory impact of an invader

This paper is highlighted as the reviewers Michael W McCoy and Ben Bolker of the University of Florida, USA feel:
"This article gives a simple, clear example of parasites enhancing predator impact on prey -- a nice addition to the catalog of observed trait-mediated indirect interactions (TMIIs) in communities -- and (briefly) considers the effect of this change on the community-level impact of an invading species." copyright F1000. 
 The review can be seen here on F1000 website.

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