Thursday, 18 November 2010

Plant Invasions: theoretical and practical challenges

"Plant Invasions: theoretical and practical challenges" is the title of a recent collection of papers in the journal Biological Invasions. 
This collection of papers span a wide range of topics relating to the study and management of plant invasions.  Richardson et al provide a summary article at the start of the special issue, recognizing 6 broad themes amongst the papers:

• ‘‘big-picture’’ analyses to derive new insights on invasion dynamics for large regions and biomes;
• detailed studies on major invasive species, drawing on insights from con-specific and con-generic invasions in other regions;
• genetic studies to elucidate invasion processes and inform management strategies;
• assessment of the relative role of climate matching in shaping invasion patterns through the analysis of patterns of distribution of invasive species along elevational gradients;
• assessing potential changes in invasion dynamics and impacts under climate change;
• new approaches for integrating advances in the understanding of invasion ecology to improve management

I haven't had a chance to read these yet, however looking through the studies those that examine the role of climatic factors in invasions and also those that look at the effects of climate change stood out to me.  There is also a strong 'practical' leaning in this special issue, with a number of papers tackling 'management' issues.

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